I’m on a linguistics kick again. One of my friends asked a question about interchangeable phrases in English. I’m geeking out hard-core.

I LOVE language.

I still exist!

Oh jeeze it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything.

Major life updates:

Kate and I bought a house. It’s 2 floors, and it’s adorable and I love it. Pics will probably follow. I have an office now which will promptly turn into the nerd den/painting space. I can finally have a permanent setup for my painting instead of spreading out over the kitchen table!

Also just finished going to 4 weddings in as many months. Literally 1 wedding a month since may. It sucked. It’s over. If another one of my friends gets married before the end of the year, I will send them the most passive-aggressive card ever. (the weddings themselves were actually all super fun and awesome to be a part of!)

Participated in a journeyman league at my FLGS a few months ago. Did alright. Played Cygnar. Ended with a 35 point Sloane list. I’ve been enjoying the crap out of playing her, even if she’s only a B- Warcaster.

The LARP I help staff is going strong, we’re going into our second ‘season’ during the September session. we’re also planning on expanding our expanded universe content to include a tumblr belonging to a normal citizen who’s reporting on what actually is going on, uncensored by the in-game newspaper. Should be fun. If it gets off the ground, I’ll link it here.

I will be participating in a Kingmaker campaign coming up, probably Mondays. I’m going to play a LG Cavalier of some kind.

And… that’s most of what’s been going on in my world?

For all of you guys that have stuck with me: thank you. I’ll resume posing pictures of metal dudes as soon as I can.

I’m really proud of you. ^_^


I’m really proud of you. ^_^

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Granted it was only over text message but


I did it, I said the L word

Is a huge deal for me, I tend to view such proclamations so suspiciously when they come from me. Because as one of my beloved gay smut authors reminded me personally, intense pleasing emotions could just be mania. And that was kind of a shitty and scarring thing to hear because now I am always reminded of the few times I did profess my undying love in a fit of manic euphoria and am now horrified and embarrassed and it’s uselessly stressful trying to figure that out like how do I know? Can I really be sure? (the answer is yes: mania has a distinctly foreign feel when I slow down enough to think about it. I am just being anxious to a obnoxiously useless extent )

This is the part of relationships that I dislike, the feeling of head over heels ennamorment. It’s so unstoppable and all consuming and there is nothing I hate more than not feeling in control of my emotions and I am so uncontrollably in lesbians with boyfriend it is frightening

Buuuuuut as I understand it, this is mostly a very normal thing?

You’re fine. It is a mostly very normal thing to feel. And we’re all really happy for you both. *hug*

I’m 99% certain my cousin was the graphic designer on this project… this reminds me a lot of a thing she posted on facebook forever ago.

Small world

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I made a light-box today! It’s little and not all that good, but it’s definitely better than the ‘whatever is on my table’ pictures I’ve taken today. It was a fun project, and didn’t take very long.

I can definitely see an improvement here. I’ll continue experimenting with lights and such, but for now, I likes it.

Random picture time! The first two are from the last session of a long-running Iron Kingdoms rpg game, the guy with the magnificent goatee moving pieces is not!Steve from that amazing cygnar game he and my brother played forever ago. Also to his right is my brother, who is now cool!Steve. This battle was between an army or trolls encroaching on territory we have a long-standing contract to protect. Out friend Adam (not pictured) just moved into a new apartment with lovely floors and no furniture yet to speak of, so we used painter’s tape on the floor to mark our play space. It ended up really fun!

The last picture is my parrot, Sandy, preventing me from painting Kara Sloan. She wouldn’t stop trying to eat my paintbrush… and one point tried to eat the model. That just wasn’t going to do.

Until next time!

Small Life Update

I haven’t been posting as much lately. My work schedule changed, and I work in the secure PCI compliant room, so I can’t have my phone in there anymore.

But the important update is that Kate and I put in an offer on a house. And it got accepted! So we may be moving soon.

We’re really excited, and very nervous right now. But this means big things for us! Keep your fingers crossed!





Just watch it.

Mindblowing! I’m convinced.

yeah it’s great and all to see you guys all hyped about this, but this video has been going viral and there’s no LINK WHERE YOU CAN HELP FUND THE PROJECT!!

as great as this sounds the project now only has 9 DAYS LEFT AND IS AT 36% OF IT’S GOAL!!


Solar freaking roadways!

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Sunshine Alley

So, I mentioned a while ago that I help staff a LARP run by my very good friend jasonjove, but I realized I never actually explained what the larp is.

Well, it’s a Vampire the Masquerade 20th aniverssary edition larp. Disclaimer: I don’t like vampires. They’re my lest favorite supernatura; being. All old and angst and blood. Not for me.

But that’s ok. This LARP focuses squarely on that first entry into the world of Vampires. All of the player characters are less than a year old. Barely even an infant in those terms. It makes for interesting characters and interesting choices they have to make. Abandoning their lives, trying to maintain ties, that sort of thing. It also means that the players are quickly trying to vie for status and become leaders in their area.

The prince and the primogen are all awful at their jobs, and elysium lets mortals in on a regular basis. The Archon continually has to bitchslap the prince into performing even the most simple of tasks, and the seneschal is aloof at best.

This means the Sabbat are happy to let things continue the way they are, trying to win player characters over and generally making things hard for the Camarilla.

The part I play in all this? I play the Archon, and the human bar-fly who ma be more than human. On top of various other parts. I also write the staff meeting agendas and notes, and basically every other thing that requires someone to organize it.

It’s a good time. I’m debating making a journal for Kenni, the bar-fly. It could be fun, but I don’t want any of my players to find it, since it’s DEFINITELY going to be filled with spoilers and behind the scenes information. And I’m bad at keeping up with side projects as it is.